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Industrial Hinges Door Latches & Locks For Panels Draw Latches Leveling Devices & Vibration Control

Handles Stays Casters Gaskets

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Asmith has been established in Taichung since 1981. In the beginning we were focused on production of tooling box accessories and our share market had been over 70% in 1987. In order to develop various hardware parts for machine and tooling boxes, we purchased our owning building in industrial area in Taichung city in order to increase our strength and competition. Our focusing products are including hinges, latches for door, latches for drawer, leveling glide, pull, stay, and wheels. In 2002, we started to promote our owning brand—Asmith. We also have enlarged and extended our market from Taiwan to the world wide. Now we have many well-known key customers in the world.

Tel:+886-4-23594037 / Fax:+886-4-23596097
E-mail:asmith@ms38.hinet.net / ADD : No. 48, 39th Rd., Taichung Industrial Zone, Taiwan, 407
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